Monday, April 26, 2010

Flying Spaghetti Monsters

For those not versed in the religious fervor surrounding the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (also known as Pastafarianism) please visit their homepage and be sure to read the letter that started it all.

They are not at all a religion, though. They're a loose group of skeptics actively opposed to the teaching of intelligent design in the classroom in the USA. Much of their work is done through parody of the christian establishment.

My favourite works are their self-labeled propaganda using appropriated and altered imagery.

This has been so successful that they have a following of people sending in sightings and miracles
of the FSM.

I think that the basis of the success is by combining humor and satire to make the opposition look foolish. This has had great success in the past with the works of feminist artists juxtaposing the institution against their own actions and beliefs.

On a personal note, I witnessed my own pastavian miracle at an airshow where several jet trails crossed in His image. Unsurprisingly, there was someone in pirate garb nearby... running a carnival game.

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